Monday, March 26, 2012

Thursday Day Dates

Every Thursday we take Audrina to a daycare that she absolutely loves and my hubby and I will have a day date. This is a great way to have alone time with Jake and be ourselves without having to parent. Some may feel this seems selfish, but Audrina is at daycare for 4-5 hours and this is a great way to have a moment where we can focus on one another and not have to worry about every move our child is making. I believe this helps my relationship with my husband also, because we can enjoy outdoor activities, sometimes we even just stay home and just clean the house and hang out. Our Thursdays have been very similiar lately though, we drop Audrina off, work out at the gym for an hours, go home, shower, then go out to lunch. We either play frisbee golf or watch a movie after lunch. I noticed that when I spend my one on one time with my hubby I focus more on him and we laugh like we are little teenagers again. When you have a child you take a lot of focus off your significant other because you have someone that you are devoting every little moment to, so the significant other will sometimes come second. The dates help spark a little flame in your relationship and you can enjoy your love and appreciate them more. I always tell my mama friends how great these dates are and I believe it keeps my relationship with my hubby romantic. I am looking forward to summer time when the weather is nicer so we can go golfing, swimming and have outdoor picnics. I always think of different ways we can enjoy our time together. I suggest to all the parents out there to have day date or evening dates at least once a month. Have a friend or sitter take care of your little one and go on dates, I'm sure your significant other would have a deeper relationship if you do this :) Now I can't wait for this Thursday!

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